The Beginner’s Guide to Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

What is PPC – also known as Pay Per Click? As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the acronym pay per click ppc advertising services.

PPC is a specialized niche of the marketing world. It takes a PPC expert to know how to handle a PPC campaign properly. If you are looking to start a PPC campaign to help boost your marketing and create more leads for your business, please, contact us.

Let’s start at the beginning.

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What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a niche of internet marketing in which a business’s ads are featured at the top and right side areas of the search engine results. These ads are sold to search engines in an auction. Each business bids on a keyword. The amount you bid, as well as your quality ranking (we’ll talk more about this later) will determine your chance of being featured. Each time one of your ads is clicked, you must pay a fee, called a bidding fee.

It is a way businesses can ‘buy’ visits to their site other than organic searches. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches a keyword that fits within their business offering.

Here is an example. If we bid on the keyword ____ our ad may pop up in one of the top featured spots on the Google search results page. Because of its placement, it is more likely to get clicks by the searcher.

Each time our client’s ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to the website and we pay our bidding fee. The fee, which can range from a few cents to a hundred dollars, however, is of small concern. Why? Because the visit to the website is worth more than the fee you pay for it.

Here’s another example. Let us say that the keyword fee for ‘crawl space cleaning’ is $5.75. For every 10 clicks, two of them on average become leads. Each sale for crawl space cleaning averages $1,000+. The end result of this is that the total ad spend to accrue these two new clients is only $57.50, but the profit is easily over $2,000.

Obviously, a very hefty profit is being made.

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How is a winning PPC campaign built?

A lot goes into the development and maintenance of a successful PPC campaign. There are several steps that are vital and must be followed, especially in the beginning. PPC campaigns that aren’t built on a sturdy foundation of industry knowledge and research won’t be able to drive the success that you want for your business.